Want GitHub login account Change in Windows 10 ?

Have you found difficulty in changing the GitHub account in your Local Windows 10 environment??

CASE 1. If you have two GitHub account and you have work on both but you have only one laptop, pc, then how can you swap both accounts when you need?

CASE 2. If you are working on one project in VS-code and you have assigned your GitHub account there, but suddenly you got some other task with another account of your friend or a client, then how will you change ??

CASE 3. You already installed the latest GIT on your computer and you logged in with your own GitHub account, but for some reason, you need to change the account temporarily or permanently then what will you do??

there are some more cases where you need to change the current GitHub account so for that, you need to follow these 4 simple steps.

Step 1. Press window key +s (open search bar) >> then type Control pannel >>open Credential Manager >> click on Windows Credentials..

it is my main GitHub account

Click on REMOVE, the first step is completed.

Step 2. then run these commands in your command prompt or in Git Bash to remove credentials from git also:

the 4th command is to know what details git have.

if you want to keep both then you can. but you have to add a new account also, for that follow Step 2.

Step 3. Now click on “Add a generic Credential”

type your username instead of “UserName”

type as shown in the image with your username.

Step 4. now type the commands to add new credentials to git

in double quotes “ _____” use your GitHub username and registered email address with GitHub..

Hooray, you have done this, see how simple it was !!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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